Eurodance, Electropop & Trance

Bonn, Germany (Natalie & Manuel)


About Cascada

Real Name:
Natalie Horler
Manuel Reuter
Yann Peifer

September 23rd, 1981 (Natalie)
July 7th 1978 (Manuel)
March 6th, 1974 (Yann)

Birth Place:
Bonn, Germany (Natalie & Manuel)

Eurodance, Electropop & Trance

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2019-03-31 16:00:00 Clubland Live Weekender

Cascada will be performing alongside some of the biggest Clubland acts such as The Vengaboys, Ultrabeat, Flip & Fill, Lasgo & man others at the Clubland Live Weekender this summer on May 4th & 5th of this year at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, England.

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